The poisonous crow defends itself against a viral video accusing it of abusing a person

Poison Crow turns 40 this Saturday, but his celebration has been angered by a video and social media users’ complaints that he allegedly “fought” when he was a teenager. From whom the victim is being treated.

“This person broke 9 cars in one of my buildings and committed more than 40 robberies across the Correls del Sur sector. Neighbors can no longer take this. He submitted to the police for looting more than 30 glasses and car pieces. Note: This dishonest person is not from the Haitian country, as the yellow press points out, “the translator explained.

Before that he said in his post, “When you go to report. Tell the truth, we do not want to gain sight and change the news, we always want to get false information, we want to protect the insecure. Our country has become a cradle of thieves. All sorts and society is afraid to take to the streets for fear of these dishonest people.”

The video went viral and the popular media reported that Luis Enrique Canapo Mesa, also known as the Toxic Crow, was said to be giving the Haitian strap-on. The city representative did not say whether he was the one seen in the video whipping the accused.

Toxic Crow, a native of Los Minas in the Dominican capital, is one of the oldest urban Dominican players since his inception of the underground hip hop group “Minsterio Profetiko” in 1998.

The urban group is made up of 5 MCs named Enrique Mesa AKA Toxic Crow, Anthony Guttierez AKA G-Magnun, Angel Osiris AKA Baker Luther King, Eliezer AKA Baticano and Eriberto AKA Qiw studying in Mota A in high school. School ..

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In addition to explaining, the venomous crow is involved in construction with its crow growth.

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