Learn about Google’s free tool for learning English

Learn English This is one of the skills that most people want to develop, knowing a second language is a great plus when looking for a job, as many companies are interested in their employees. Able to function fluently In an international environment, therefore familiar There are few privileges for speaking English because the language is almost universal.

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However, learning a new language can be a challenge for many people, and it takes discipline and motivation to persevere in mastering the language. But despite people’s willingness and interest, many are frustrated when it comes to learning English because there are economic barriers that prevent them from accessing learning courses.

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However, many people don’t know that Google offers a free and easy way to learn English through artificial intelligence available in the browser. Based on tool models LAMDA and PALM Applied to artificial intelligence language. The site offers practical classes between 3 to 5 minutes and includes guidance from teachers in its development University of Lancaster Aspirants can get feedback and context translations through this tool to provide better answers.

How to find a way to learn English with Google

The first thing users should keep in mind is that this tool is currently only available for Android computers; However, the company is looking to expand this tool.

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Now, those who want to practice their English through the browser must first enter the application and put the word in the search bar “translator” Once the results are back, you have to select “Practice speaking in English”, From there the user has to answer the questions asked on the platform and can practice the language at the same time.

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