Laura Bosco thought of taking her own life in the mind of a prison

This has been a very special trip for the last three months Laura Poso, A 69-year-old popular television presenter, was charged with selling seized property and was escaping an arrest warrant against him. SAT, A situation that caused her many problems and made her run away.

In an interview with TV tips, he admitted how complicated the process was for him, and at the beginning of it all he ran into some accountants who did not tell them how to pay taxes and they did not do things right.

Thanks for this they are one Audit And the accountants “forgot” to inform the SAT of his change of address, which added to other things they did not do well and caused him many problems at the government institutional point.

That’s why this complicated legal situation started, SAT asked him 12 million From Bezos She netted a house she owned, but was turned down, and then decided to sell the property to keep the process quiet.

Only then did it become clear that the house existed Prohibited, She swears that she did not know about it and that she was never informed about it.

This is how the legal charge came against her, since 2013 she has been trying to reach an agreement with that government agency and they have started asking her to be detained.

During these moments of thinking about being in prison, she became very ill, worried, and began to think about her health, and the aftermath of her abdominal surgery made her even more anxious.

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When she thought she was going to jail, she started to have the most difficult negative thoughts even though she wanted to take her own life. To lose his life in an attack.

And of course it was a very strong concern problem, all the lawyers would eventually refer to him to say that they got protection and he started to calm down.

Fortunately, he has already told us that this situation is over and that you have reached an agreement with SAT and are definitely avoiding going to jail.

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