Last minute China threatens us: ‘Do not cross the red line’ – Sources’ message

The Beijing administration on Tuesday warned Washington not to cross the “red line”, in the context of the new US Secretary of State, Anthony Blink, Said China was the “most important challenge” to the United States.

“The most important challenge for us, no doubt, is that China exists in all countries, but it is a complex situation. There are side issues in the relationship, there are competitive issues and there are some aspects of cooperation. But it’s okay.” Not from the position, “said Anthony Blingen of MSNBC.

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“I think this power comes from having strong alliances that China does not have; we must engage globally and be active in international organizations, because if we leave, China engages, and then they will write the rules to set the rules for these organizations, including Xinjiang province, or democracy in Hong Kong. We must uphold our values ​​when challenged by China on the issue. We can encourage Chinese aggression, invest in citizens so that they can fully compete, “said Anthony Blingen.

Asked if the United States should join Britain in getting people who want to escape political repression in Hong Kong, Blinken said: “I think we have seen the shocking way of undermining China’s obligations during the relocation of Hong Kong. If they fall victim to the repression of the Chinese authorities, we must do something to provide shelter, “writes

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The Beijing administration responded by warning the United States not to cross the “red line.” “These issues are about China’s central interests, nationalism and the sentiments of 1.4 billion people. , According to The Wall Street Journal.

“In the last four years, the administration Donald Trump Bringing bilateral relations to the most difficult period since the establishment of diplomatic relations has led to the adoption of misguided policies against China, ”Yang Jiechi said in a video conference at a meeting of the National Committee on US-China Relations. The United States needs cooperation between China.

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One week ago, Chinese President Xi Jinping warned the United States not to pursue a confrontational approach at a World Economic Forum conference because “it will only lead to a bilateral stalemate.”

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