The plastic of the S21 will last better than the Gorilla Glass Victus on the S21 Ultra! A drop test with the iPhone 12 Pro Max (video) + one here

What lies behind the splits Scratch tests For the Galaxy S21 series? It seems like a time Drop test… or more, including some comparisons with the iPhone 12 generation. Perhaps the most interesting test shows us a comparison of S21 with S21 Ultra … Polycarbonate Gorilla Glass beats Victus !?

Let’s start with his experiment Everything Apple Pro, Which compares to the Galaxy S21 Ultra IPhone 12 Pro Max. The war is here Gorilla Glass Victus, The Galaxy Note 20 Ultra at the Apple terminal and unveiled on the ceramic shield. The YouTube user who tested it says that Samsung used aluminum for its frame, however I firmly believed that we have steel just like the iPhones. Drop tests were performed at levels ranging from 1 m height to 2–3 m.


In an escape from a height of about 2 meters, Galaxy S21 Ultra He lost some of his cameras and avoided his periscopic telephoto lens. The iPhone 12 Pro Max is so much better. After escaping from a height of 2.5 meters, the iPhone at least broke on the back, but Samsung bravely resisted. At 3 meters, the screen of the Samsung phone was broken, but the iPhone screen remained intact. Basically the S21 Ultra louder, before the iPhone 12 Pro Max louder.

We have one in the other drop test performed by CNET Comparison between S21 and S21 Ultra. When escaping from a height of 1 meter, the S21 has a slightly broken screen in the corner, but the rear is brilliantly resisting. The S21 Ultra frame has only minor scratches and a small crack in the corner of the screen. At 1.5 meters down, the Galaxy S21 retains its rear end while the S21 Ultra has a chip in the lower left corner.

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Unloaded from about 2 meters, the phones were severely damaged. The S21 still holds (on the back), and the S21 Ultra has scratches on the back and a 60% crack screen. I don’t know how relevant these tests are, because sometimes the phones fall on the back and sometimes on the front, but Gorilla Glass Victus seems to be not as strong as I thought. It is more resistant to scratches than hard impact.

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