The Tongan government declared a state of emergency

(CNN) – The Tongan government declared a state of emergency following the massive volcanic eruption and tsunami that followed on Saturday, Tonga’s High Commissioner Peter Lund told the Pacific News Agency Tagata Pasifika in a telephone interview on Tuesday. TVNZ Network.

Despite significant damage to the west coast of Tongatabu, Tonga’s main island, most of the population [en Tongatapu] She is “safe and sound”.

“A major clean-up operation is underway in the city [Nuku’alofa] It was covered with a dense pattern of volcanic dust, but look at how they progress. Roads have been cleared and buildings have been cleared, “Lund said.

Cleaners are making good progress in removing volcanic ash from roads and debris, and can provide relief items by prioritizing clearing the airport runway, he said.

New Zealand has offered to provide water testing equipment, generators and other relief equipment to help the people of Tongan.

At least three people have been killed in Tonga

At least three people have been killed in a series of tsunamis and tsunamis in Tonga, the Tongan Prime Minister’s Office said in a statement on Tuesday.

The three dead were a British citizen, a 65 – year – old woman from Mango Island and a 49 – year – old man from Nomuka Island, the report said.

This is how the shock wave of the Tonga volcano spread 0:45

CNN previously reported that Britain’s Angela Clover’s body had been found swept away by waves, her brother Nick Ellini said in a statement Monday.

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Clover, 50, lived with her husband in the capital, Nuku’aloba, and ran an animal welfare charity, trying to save her dogs when the waves hit her, Elini said.

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