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Writing CubitaNOW ~ Monday, May 22, 2023

Cuban group Buena Fe played a free concert in Spain after canceling several performances they had planned on their tour.

“The Great Good Faith concert in Torrelavega yesterday was complete mass life free!!!” Cuban Edmondo Dantes Jr. jokingly commented on his social networks with a photo showing how little people participated in the venue.

“71 people and I even counted the people in the background,” he wrote in the comments. “And 71, 65 are Cuban state security working as spies in Spain. The other 6 are audio props,” one user replied.

Journalist Luz Egobar said he was able to count 94 for his part.

“The biggest “pride”, even because it’s free, they have to give out snacks, beer, and see if people get excited,” joked one Cuban.

Israel Rojas shared a video on Twitter after the destroyed presentation. “We finished a concert, an event we were invited to in Torrelavega. An event that dealt with culture as a basis for critical thinking, so happy they invited us to play there to open the concert,” said Yoel Martinez, the group’s guitarist.

The event, which took place last Saturday, was organized by the Citizen Assembly for Torrelavega, a left-wing political party.

After several of his concerts were canceled, Israel Rojas gave an interview to journalist Milena Recio in Ancuba, in which he said “fire and not torches”.

When asked about political prisoners in Cuba, he said he did not know because he could not be with them all.

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“You can say I don’t know her because I don’t want to. It’s not like that. I’m not involved in all that. I’m just a common citizen who has to deal with the many problems involved in it. Cuba with three kids, a band to direct, a few gigs. “I don’t know everything that’s going on with activists opposing the Cuban government,” he said.

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