Lack of scientific resources

Despite the lack of scientific resources, the researcher called on young people to fight for their dreams and to search for funding sources

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Irapuato.- For his contribution to science, Dr Alfredo Heriberto Herrera Estrella He was named Scholar Emeritus cinevistaf.

He has been involved in projects such as decoding the genomes of corn and beans, as well as training researchers for 31 years.

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In the 60 years of the research center’s existence, only 2% of scientists have achieved this recognition. He said he was proud to belong to a select group of researchers from cinevistaf.

but also a commitment to continuing to work towards academic excellence. To train new researchers who have standards and are able to compete internationally with those who graduate from the best universities in the worldHerrera Estrella said.

He is also recognized for his co-creation and development of the National Genomics Laboratory for Biodiversity (Langebio), currently the Advanced Genomics Unit, Cinvestav (UGA-Langebio).

In the 60 years of the research center's existence, only 2% of scientists have achieved this recognition.
In the 60 years of the research center’s existence, only 2% of scientists have achieved this recognition. Image: mail

Since 2004, together with his team, he has been involved in projects Functional genomicsincluding the complete genome sequence of maize and beans.

His recent contributions to the field include genome studies of the domestication process in maize and beans, as well as analysis of the diversity of wild and cultivated bean species.

They improve the beans

Alfredo Herrera Estrella is named Cinvestav Emeritus Researcher
Alfredo Herrera Estrella is named Cinvestav Emeritus Researcher. Image: mail

His research group recently discovered a mechanism in response to mechanical damage in fungi.

In this regard, he commented that the bean project is very important from a social point of view because it is widely consumed in Latin America, but also around the Great Lakes in Africa.

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It is the source of food for more than 500 million people, and it is also the main source of protein. We open the doors to improve the beans.he added.

With the popcorn genome, the doors to a new way of working with plant genomes are opening.

Alfredo Herrera has a 31-year career training researchers
Alfredo Herrera has a 31-year career training researchers. Image: mail

“The third project is a life project, I work with a fungus that is related to its application in the biological control of plant pathogenic fungi,” explained.

In recent years, the development of science has not been easy, federal cuts have affected this sector so much that Cinvestav currently does not have a budget for hiring researchers.

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But Herrera-Estrella called on the youth to look for sources of funding to continue the investigation.

Lack of scientific resources

Alfredo Herrera said there is a complicated panorama because institutions dedicated to research do not have places to employ young people.

The second obstacle, of course, is obtaining financing for the implementation of projects. Historically in Mexico this has not been entirely simple, and I think it has been very complicated in recent years in particular.pointed out.

However, he affirmed that the main thing is to follow his dream, to have this passion for science and then there is no obstacle to stop him.

Who is Alfredo Herrera Estrella?

originates from Mexico Citywhere he studied and graduated as a biochemistry engineer at National School of Biological Sciences From IPN in 1985.

He completed his postgraduate studies (1986-1990) under the supervision of Dr Mark Van Montagu On the Ghent State University in Belgium.

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Obtained 6 patents. He has managed 6 undergraduate theses, 14 master’s theses, and 26 doctoral theses, and he is currently managing one undergraduate, master’s, and five doctoral dissertations.


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