Ana Barbara has already set a date for her wedding with Angel Muñoz, this is what is known about the expected wedding.

Ana Barbara It is one of the most popular Guruperas Regional MexicanHer voice is a banner and an example that women can go where they want, even though band, nordino or mariachi were once a genre performed by more men, now with full career success. , popularity is one of the best positions in the personal sphere.

The pledge was taken in February 2020 Angel MunozThe star said that the stand-alone couple is 15 years younger than her, happy to share her life with someone who understands her, supports her and to whom she can confide her biggest desires and secrets. Rio Verde, San Luis BodoShe has made it clear that her boyfriend prefers to stay behind the scenes and away from the media.

“Angels, I always wanted to meet someone who could become a Guardian Angel in my life, not only in name, but to accompany me day by day in good and other good moments, but I know you are biased. Wisdom, today friendship and love are highly celebrated, say yes “my heart ” I want to dedicate to you! I love you, thank you for being an angel forever, you are for all of us,” the singer wrote in one of the moments she wanted to show her partner.

They have been engaged for two years as IG/anabarbaramusic

After that, they rarely appeared together on social networks, but all that will change, or at least for the next months of 2023, because according to a page specializing in regional Mexican artists Bandamax, A famous star For topics like “the bandit” I have been looking for him” and is about to start her wedding plans.

Of the little known about Angel Munoz He works as an agent for theater and commercial artists and somehow he understands the work Ana Barbara This is the reason why they are together and they have something else in common, another thing that is known is that they saw each other for the first time at the gym because they both like to be fit.

They met at a gym. IG/anabarbaramusic

When is Ana Barbara getting married?

Although the exact date of the wedding is not actually mentioned, they are promising that it will happen next year and possibly after Ana Barbara performs her planned event on March 4, 2023 at the National Auditorium. On that big date she will be free from professional obligations and ready to say yes to her boyfriend Angel Munoz.

They will get married in 2023. IG/anabarbaramusic

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The Santa Fe Clan uploads a photo with Ana Barbara and her fans lash out against “Reina Grubera” for this reason.

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