“lack of disk space”

With that annual income More than 250,000 million dollarsToyota is one of the three largest companies in the automotive sector. the Japanese multinationalwhich designs and manufactures all kinds of automobiles, has dozens of factories in its home country operating daily to meet customer needs.

But on August 29, something unexpected happened: The manufacturer’s 28 production lines, located in 14 buildings, were disrupted. In other words, all of Toyota’s plants in Japan have stopped production, squeezing expected car deliveries and opening the door to millions in losses.

Cyber ​​attack or update problem?

It didn’t take long for that incident to have some repercussions. Toyota handled the situation internally and only stated publicly that it was not Internet attack. Based on this, As compiled by ReutersSome people associated with the company who spoke on condition of anonymity suggested a software bug.

The days have passed and the Japanese manufacturer has finally provided some details. In an official statementToyota confirms the premise that took the most force: It’s an inherent problem with one of its systems, specifically a “glitch” in one of its servers that can be resolved the next day.

As they explained, the problem appeared after one day of routine maintenance. suddenly, some servers Requests for parts of the process showed the “out of disk space” error and stopped working. A similar episode also affected the backup system.

This led to the suspension of Toyota’s production operations across the country. Fortunately, the problem was quickly resolved after the said systems were moved to other servers. This allowed the automaker to return to normal in Japan the next day.

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Since signing they have apologized to all affected. They also promised that they will analyze everything they have Maintenance operations They will redouble their efforts to prevent this scenario from happening again. As we can see, even one of the world’s leading auto brands can run out of disk space.

Pictures: Toyota

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