Eduardo Antonio was withdrawn from artificial respiration after emergency surgery

Cuban singer Edward AntonioKnown as ‘The Tivo of Playstations’He is already breathing on his own after the equipment is removed from him Artificial respiration You recently joined.

After complications from surgery in recent days, which has kept him on artificial respiration, El Tivo shared the good news with his followers and thanked them for their support on social networks.

“I’m already breathing on my own and they took me off the ventilator. Thank you for all the good things you wrote and for congratulating me,” she shared in an Instagram message.

This weekend, Divo de Placetas underwent emergency surgery for diverticulitis, which was performed with minimal access.

Eduardo Antonio was a victim Intestinal perforation Caused by taking prescribed medication after facial surgery in recent days.

The artist developed diverticulitis leading to intestinal obstruction. As a result, he had to undergo emergency surgery at Jackson Hospital in Kendall to stitch up a bowel perforation caused by a post-operative complication.

They are not terminated in networks Messages of loveChains of wishes and prayers for the recovery of the beloved Cuban singer.

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