La Diosa on canceled concert in New Jersey: “It’s a scam”

Concert cancelled Goddess And jackal The New Jersey-based Cuban has caused more than one problem for the singer, who claimed that everything online was a scam and demanded a refund for all her followers who bought tickets.

The Cuban artist went live on Instagram to explain what happened at the event, as he said, the dates were changed twice and tickets were sold for three months, because it is a very large theater, difficult to fill, and it requires a large production for the concert.

“Here’s what’s going on, it’s a scam, and I’m going to explain to you why it’s a scam. What happened was that I sold out this concert for three months, just like the other artist El Chakal, so they (the promoters) decided to change the venue at the first event (…) It sold a lot, but they absolutely loved it. .”

The interpreter of “Me dio la gana” explained that the change of venue was accepted because in the new one the participants could keep their tables, share, drink, unlike any other theater.

“Another month goes by and I start calling and no one answers me, no one shows me their face (…) When I managed to find them they told me The concert was cancelledBut it was because of my insistence to know what was going on,” he said.

However, after consulting the Ticketmaster site, he found that the concert was still sold out, even though they told him that those who bought his tickets at the time would be refunded: “It turns out that they only sell it with El Chagall. They took me out. This is the reality, you know why Ticketmaster won’t refund my followers because they didn’t inform Ticketmaster that they canceled the concert, because there was no such cancellation, a cancellation from La Diosa. Not going”.

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“My followers write and ask for money, but they are told to talk to advertisers. But people from El Chagal tell me that there is no such concert with El Chagal. “I’m tired of calling El Chakal, but I don’t agree with him,” he added.

“They took me out, right, I don’t need it, but my followers’ money has to be paid, they can’t drag my followers’ money to another event,” Devi demanded and said she would move forward no matter what obstacles those urging her to harm come.

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