They free a young Cuban woman who came to America on false humanitarian parole

US authorities release young Cuban woman He was jailed for two months for entering the country on false humanitarian parole.

Naya Cruz Fonseca He spent more than two months, including two days in federal prison, an experience he called “horrifying.”

The 20-year-old’s nightmare began in August, when she was detained at the Tampa airport on charges of fraud.

as said America TeVeHer boyfriend, who lives in the US, hired the services of a lawyer he allegedly saw on the Internet, who promised to speed up the immigration process, but it turned out to be a scam.

“This lawyer said she was responsible for everything, she asked for my information. She did everything. I got two emails in my account, the first one said the sponsor was approved, the second one said the travel was approved.” He described.

Naya, a medical student from Las Dunas, said when she arrived at the airport, the immigration officer entered her alien number, but it didn’t go through. She was handcuffed and chained at the time of her arrest.

“I spent two and a half months in that immigration detention center. It was a difficult process, but as bad as it was, it was good because many people were sent to Cuba. As bad as it could be, at least they gave me a chance because at the airport they sent me back to my country. They asked if I was scared. Of course, I said yes, I’m here,” he said.

While detained at the airport, the young woman was spared deportation because she said she feared repatriation and sought political asylum. This time he had to face an interview to prove he had a “credible fear”.

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His lawyer, Ismail Labrador, always believed there was a chance to win the case, and that’s what happened.

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