Members of the group that trespassed into the school campus in Villa Mella to carry out an illegal search were not members of the institution, police said – Dominican National Police

According to the police, the gang that entered the Villa Mella school campus for illegal raids did not belong to the institution.

– Prisoners will be brought to justice through the public ministry.

The National Police said this Saturday that the men in police-like uniforms who entered the educational institution located in Villa Mella to carry out an illegal search of several classrooms did not belong to any part of the institution. It is completely wrong to say that it is working in coordination with the authorities in the education sector.

In this sense, the agents of the school police, coordinated with the representatives of the Public Ministry, found and arrested Gerardo Jr. Laureno Carmona, Isaac Santos Mendez, Ronald Ariel Pascual, Albert José Santos Medina and Christian Biel Mendez. Polytechnic Aurelio Tavarez Justo, of the aforementioned department of the municipality of Santo Domingo Norte, identified themselves in the company of many as members of the Municipal Citizen Security.

The report said that once in the said center, five persons who had usurped the functions and acted erratically, claimed to be working in coordination with the education authorities and to comply with the request of the community.

Those detained now went so far as to use pepper spray in the dining room and bathroom area, affecting a 15-year-old student and a psychologist, whose names have been withheld, who received medical attention.

That action was attributed to the detained Ronald Ariel Pascual.

Similarly, as another of them handcuffed a minor student, Deputy Director North Zone, District 10-02 along with several police members went to the spot and started investigating the case.

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The five persons mentioned above were taken to Sector N-1 at Villa Mella where the officials of the said Education Center lodged their respective complaints.

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