Kutty Romero and Ottamendi make fun of Yotton after a missed penalty Video | Peru vs Argentina | Qatar 2022 Qualifications nczd dtbn | Game-total

Peru had an unbeaten goal chance against Argentina. Jefferson Farfon made a penalty, but was unable to pass the maximum penalty due to the beating. Yoshimar Yotún took the ball and prepared to direct the shot from twelve steps; However, his shot bounced off the crossbar. Following the action, ‘Drink’ Romero and Nicholas Ottamendi approached the ‘Blancuroza’ player to make fun of him.

Yoshimar Yotún missed a clear opportunity against Peru.  Argentina.  (Video: Latina)
Yoshimar Yotún missed a clear opportunity against Peru. Argentina. (Video: Latina)

This is a competition …

The Nahuel Molina-Lautaro Martínez tie guaranteed Argentina a 1-0 victory on Thursday, drawing a gap with the following rivals and sinking Blanquirroja to the final of the South American qualifiers for the World Cup. Qatar ..

With the Super Classic pending with Brazil, La Albicelest reached 25 points from 11 games played, now 17th in Ecuador, third and look back at Colombia in the 16th.

The Peruvian team was anchored with 11 points and is now in the final.

The American champion does not need to settle for a match similar to the twelfth day of his captaincy with Lionel Messi this Thursday.

Molina’s off-hook on the right, his contact with Rodrigo de Paul, then his focus adjusted to the center of the area, with Martinez capitalizing on a powerful header in the 43rd minute.

Until then, the Argentines insisted on the arrival of Engel de Maria via the left lane, but the spectators found silence to close all exits.

In the 64th minute, Yoshimir Yodon wasted the chance to equalize with a penalty as he smashed the ball into the crossbar. Goalkeeper Emiliano ‘Dipujos’ Martinez Jefferson entered the field a few minutes ago on the forearm.

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Argentina have taken Brazil to Brazil with 25 points from 11 games and are safely lined up to advance to qualifying for Qatar.

On the thirteenth match day, November 11, Argentina travels to Uruguay, hosting Peru Bolivia.

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