Nike criticized for “patriarchal” women's uniforms for Paris 2024 Olympics

Athletes have criticized the design of the new women's athletic uniforms for being sexist. (Nike)

Amid allegations of sexism, Nike Faces criticism for its new athletic uniforms given to women Paris 2024 Olympic Games, This is what the media reported ABC News. Controversy arose after the release of a picture of the designs Citius Magazine, a model was shown wearing a high-cut bikini line for the contestants. The revelation has sparked thousands of comments online, including from well-known former US athletes have expressed their concern and dissatisfaction with the design proposed by the sports brand.

One of the most critical voices of former track and field athlete Lauren Fleishman was, “Women's uniforms should be in service of performance, mental and physical. If this clothing was truly useful for physical performance, men would wear it”. Fleshman points to a costume design influenced by “patriarchal forces”, suggesting that motivations behind this choice are incompatible with sports performance.

On the other hand, Olympic pole vault champion Katie Moon also addressed the matter on her Instagram account, describing her concern over the image of the uniform projected onto a mannequin, although she insisted on it. “Athletes 'have at least 20 different uniforms to compete in,'” including male preferences.”

Lauren Fleshman questions the design of Nike uniforms, suggesting patriarchal influences. (@fleshmanflyer/Instagram)

In response to the criticism, Nike defended its design, arguing that it was one of its models “within a range of styles” for athletes to choose from, and confirmed that tailoring options would be available for Olympic and Paralympic sports. . John HokeNike's director of innovation noted in a press release, “The Paris 2024 athletic uniforms are designed to provide athletes with Colorful shades that prioritize performance and maximum breathability for different sports fields, body types and sizes”.

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The United States Track and Field team echoed the news, stressing in its statement ABC News The groups criticized were “only two Many options including 50 individual piecesIn which players can choose the next Olympic Games”. The statement seeks to emphasize the brand's commitment to respecting athletes' preferences and comfort, and notes that Nike consulted with athletes throughout the design process.

The controversy comes on the heels of another recent controversy involving Nike, which saw a denial of an amendment to the entire uniform. Major League Baseball is a league for players, has been criticized as too obvious. As with athletic uniforms, Nike is committed to prioritizing product quality and performance and working with MLB and its players to make necessary changes.

Nike argues that its design is only part of a wider range of styles. (@citiusmag/Instagram)

The discussion about these uniforms is not limited to highlights Functionality and comfort concerns in sportswearBut it also invites us to think about it Design standards and its impact on the perception of women's sport. The implication of the critique goes beyond appearance to include issues of equity, performance and professionalism in the field of sport.

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