Kun Akiro gave 60 watches and a truck to workers in Man City

Manchester, England /

He spent a decade of his life Manchester, He won almost everything (Because he missed the Champions League) And is now leaving for Barcelona to play with Lionel Messi, but Sergio Aguirre had a unique farewell gesture With dozens Urban workers, To whom he gave stylized gifts.

Akiro’s gifts to city workers

Middle step Athletes Received photos of gifts-, Kun Aguirre delivered watches from the Hublot and Tag Heuer brands Formula 1 version total 60 Manchester City staff, Each cost 1,600 (46,500 Mexican pesos). In other words, Argentina is international Spent 2 million 790 thousand pesos Among those gifts.

What else His Range Rover will pick up the Avoc To all the staff and the lucky winner there was one of the stumbling blocks and he was lucky enough to own that vehicle Equivalent value for more than one million pesos.

Akiro left a donation for Christmas

As if all of the above were not enough to show gratitude, The When He left a “large sum” for the fund Buy Christmas gifts for all workers Of the club.

Kun is a new Barcelona player

As we mentioned, after ten years at Manchester City and five Premier League titles, Sergio Aguirre has signed a two-year deal with Barcelona Which – obviously – will be his last adventure in Europe, to this day he is 32 years old.

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