The Punta Catalina administration is preventing senators from entering the commission

On Tuesday, Punta Catalina’s management refused to allow the park to enter the Republican Senate Environment Commission, which would have reduced the amount of ash produced by the coal – fired plant.

The senators arrived in Punta Catalina at 8:00 a.m. to inquire about the pollution of this energy park and its ashes to the environment in this southern park.

After waiting almost two hours in front of the entrance to the plant, the senators were told that they would not be allowed inside because they did not have the necessary authorization from the administration.

The commission was made up of senators Hector Acosta from Monsignor Nou; Who presides, Lenin Waltz, Monte Plata, vice-president; Who are the supporters of the resolution demanding the descent of Antonio Martே and Punta Catalina from Santiago Rodriguez and Milgates Franois from the province of Peravia?

An army curve strengthened security at the entrance to the energy park, preventing senators from passing.

They wanted to enter the Punta Catalina with the senators during this special visit; Representation of environmental activists, civil society groups, farmers in the area and the Catholic Church, from Our Lady of Recla de Bane Cathedral.

Senators Agosta, Milciates Franான்ois, Antonio Martே and Lenin Valdes both rejected the Punta Catalina administration’s action and promised that “the response to this slander to the state’s first authority will come from the Senate chamber.” soon.

In recent months, the country’s major sectors have questioned Punta Catalina’s construction contracts, its operation, ash production and its recent sedimentation and recent demands to be converted from coal to natural gas.

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