Taylor Swift’s makeup on “The Eras Tour” has weathered the storm

tourism”Eras Tour“In Taylor Swift It started in mid-March, although fans were more eager for tickets, last year, when they went on sale. If you’re lucky enough to get a seat for the show, you’ll describe it like my colleague: “a spiritual experience.” From music to stage to clothes, Taylor continues to set the record straight. Fans have praised her make-up because, unlike her prodigious dancers, it doesn’t run down a storm while singing.

Everything from her eyeliner to her signature red lips was perfect during a somber performance in Massachusetts. In fact, you might be surprised What a magic makeup?

Taylor Swift in concert. (Photo: Getty)

According to a tip posted to an anonymous Instagram celebrity account, DeuxMoiAll products used on Taylor Tour Pat McGrath Labs. Although neither Taylor nor his team confirmed the statement, Pat McGrath himself “Very impressive” shared the trick in a TikTok post.

However, we have to note that the only thing missing from DeuxMoi’s list is mascara, which can also be waterproof. The jury is still out on which product Taylor uses, as Pat McGrath Labs does not currently have a waterproof mascara.

Truth is, we shouldn’t be surprised that Taylor uses Pat McGrath Labs. In the past she collaborated with Pat McGrath on her music video “Bejeweled,” where the makeup artist even made a small cameo.

If you want to find Taylor’s platform used products that can survive heavy rains, look no further Spread list on TikTok And buy some of them Sephora.

Taylor Swift's signature red lipstick.  (Photo: Sephora)

Taylor Swift’s signature red lipstick. (Photo: Sephora)

Here it is! This is the red color that Taylor wears. The lightweight formula provides full coverage and unlike some red lipsticks, drinks or food won’t affect this matte liquid lipstick.

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Eyeliner.  (Photo: Sephora)

Eyeliner. (Photo: Sephora)

To create perfect lines around her eyes, Taylor uses this liquid eyeliner. It is matte, waterproof and has a fine tip for drawing perfect lines.

Makeup Basics.  (Photo: Sephora)

Makeup Basics. (Photo: Sephora)

This foundation is available in 36 shades, though Sephora has an online tool to help you choose the perfect shade for you. Taylor expressly links to this site Pat McGrath’s debut sublime Perfection And this A sublime perfection setting powder To set your makeup well.

Illuminator and Balm.  (Photo: Sephora)

Illuminator and Balm. (Photo: Sephora)

The brand describes the glow provided by its award-winning highlighter as “alien.” It’s actually a cream highlighter that includes a light consistency transparent balm that you can use alone or together, depending on the amount of shine you want.

Eye shadow palette.  (Photo: Sephora)

Eye shadow palette. (Photo: Sephora)

Although we are not clear how to achieve it see For Taylor’s eyes, she reportedly uses one of the shades from these palettes. All colors can be used to create a dramatic bright effect or a more toned down casual look for everyday wear.

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