Know the oils for each type of car transmission

Transmission oilAlso known as transmission fluid, it is a special lubricant used in automatic and manual transmissions to ensure proper operation of the transmission system.

There are many Types of transmission fluids available, each designed for specific types of drive systems. Here are some of the more common types:

1.- Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF):

ATF is used Automatic transfers and contains a mixture of synthetic and mineral oils. It contains additives to help reduce friction and wear and is available in different viscosity grades depending on the specific application.

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2.- Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF):

MTF is used in tManual transmissions and is generally thicker and more viscous than ATF. Contains a blend of base oils and additives to improve shift performance, reduce wear and protect against corrosion.

4.- Dual Clutch Transmission Fluid (DCTF):

Used in DCTF systems Dual clutch transmission, which uses two separate clutches to change gear. The DCTF is designed to handle the high heat and stress generated by these types of transmissions, providing excellent shift quality and durability.

5.- Continuously Variable Transmission Fluid (CVTF):

CVTF is used in continuously variable transmission systems that use a belt or chain to continuously adjust the gear ratio. CVTF is typically thinner than other types of transmission fluid and contains special additives to improve performance and extend transmission life.

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6.- Heavy Duty Transmission Fluid (HDTF):

HDTF is used in heavy and commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses. It is designed to handle the high operating loads and temperatures of these types of vehicles, and contains special additives to improve performance and protect against wear and corrosion.

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It is important to use the correct type of transmission fluid for your specific transmission system to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations or consult with a certified mechanic for guidance on what type of fluid to use.


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