Khloe Kardashian Responds to ‘Black Fishing’ Allegations Against Her: ‘It’s Tired’

Khloe Kardashian responds to criticism of ‘blackfishing’ her Halloween costume: “Those are interpretations” (Instagram @khloekardashian)

A certain dress The Kardashian-Jenner clan gave free rein to this year’s Halloween controversy. Because it could not be otherwise, the life of the most popular family in the media usually revolves around controversy, becoming the target of criticism year after year. This time it was time Khloe Kardashianwho It was accused of so-called “black fishing” by Internet users on social networks In her ‘Bradge’ doll dress, she shares with her sister Kim.

To celebrate Halloween, Kloss and Kim Kardashian gave free rein to their creativity. ‘Brats’, popular American toys launched in 2001 by MGA Entertainment. Along with their two friends, the reality sisters chose to wear glamorous schoolgirl outfits with the subtle style of the movie ‘Clueless’ and immortalized the outfits in a photo shoot that Khloé shared on her Instagram account.

In the photo they wanted to recreate and Kardashian also shared, four of the legendary dolls appeared: one brunette, one less dark-skinned, and two white dolls. Apparently, Khloé wanted to recreate one of the beauties, as she appeared in the photos with a particularly tanned face. It was disliked by many users who accused it of “blackface” and “blackfishing”, derogatory terms that refer to a white person using cultural elements common to black people to gain an advantage. If you don’t get it, you throw them away.

In celebration of Halloween, Kloss and Kim Kardashian gave free rein to their creativity to bring their famous ‘Bradge’ dolls (Instagram @khloekardashian) to life.

“So, is it okay to do blackface now?” Read a comment. “I thought it was some black girl,” said another disciple of Drew’s mother. “Black fishing is so real, it’s sad,” one black woman criticized. Many people said they didn’t know who Khloé was in the group photos.

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After several days of silence, Kardashian burst out and took to her Instagram story to defend herself against her followers’ harsh criticism and accusations, claiming to have “explanations.” Based on his words, he confirms that this anger is debatable and depends on the eye of the beholder.

“You can’t control how others interpret your actions or words, everyone feels things based on their current circumstances and mood. Continue to act with integrity, love, and a good heart,” the ‘Good American’ founder wrote in the first story.

Kardashian defended herself against the criticism, saying, “Everyone feels things in their own circumstances” (Instagram @khloekardashian)

It’s clear that Khloé doesn’t want too much negativity in her life and all she’s looking for is peace, and she’s made it known. In another story, he continued an unpleasant situation with a specific phrase. “You cannot allow any situation in your life to bring out the worst in you. It’s exhausting and takes a long time to recover.”, says the quote. “You need peace and gentleness in your life. Choose your inner peace above all else.

The socialite also shared another post-Halloween outfit with her followers, in which she matched her two children, Drew, 5, and Tatum, 1. This time, the costumes correspond to different characters from the British animated series.Octonauts’. To his excitement, in another tender release, he mentioned his son Tatum ‘The Godfather’She wears her hair in gel and the character’s iconic black dressVito Corleone‘.

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