Dezmer Bhuvena disagrees with Patria Y. Vida’s distribution of profits

Cuban singer-songwriter, Decimer is good, Publicly expressed his disagreement over the distribution of the profits of the music theme “Homeland and Life” Because McClellan Osorbo Y The Funky They receive a lower percentage than the participants in the program.

“Beatrice [Luego] 15; Yodule 15; Randy 15; Alexander 15; December 15; யாதம் [González] பதினைந்து; Michael 5; L Funky 5. Here are the percentages that came to me from the distribution of editorial rights for the song Patria Y Vita. My recommendation is that it should be divided equally and I will let you know the final result with the same transparency.”Dezmer wrote on Facebook on Tuesday.

“Otherwise, McCall and L. Funky would know my percentage”The addition of the Cuban translator, who received criticism for publicizing such a subtle subject, became a true symbol of the freedom associated with a song and a hope for millions of Cubans.

Even considering him a “teacher” in some cases – while others have not committed any crimes – a large sum of more than 400 collected comments Criticism or suggestions for deleting the publication are invited to step back and realize that the selected ones are not the most appropriate way to deal with this matter.

“You did not take something very valuable to create controversy”, Refers to a netizen. “An artist who values ​​himself does not broadcast personal things, an entire nation is listening and identified as his independent song,” said another.

“Laundry is washed at home”; “Do not despise what is left for posterity”; “Withdraw”, “Professional”, “Do not publish percentages, that song is now a national anthem”; “Delete that publication” is only a small part of the hatred generated by the release of Dessemer Funo.

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Many opinions revolve around the damage that such a release does in terms of what the song represents and represents. “What is the reason for this sudden and unnecessary transparency? For the reason that Patria Y Vita was created and created out of love for art, many people had the naive opinion that they were not involved in money. Now this idea is out of the air,” one internet user commented.

There is no one who believes that the Cuban government is the sole beneficiary of what DeSamer said. “Humberto Lopez will use this information to his advantage on NTV”Someone commented. “Informed note from the Cuban TV newscast that the artists of the song Patria Y Vida reduce the percentage of the song. That is your release”, you can read in other comments full of the same meaning.

However, even though they were low, some said they agreed with Dezmer because they believed that publicly receiving royalties from the song would help “send them to MSI”. “The minute of fame is over, and now for those who need them,” the same commentator said.

In March, the Cuban musician Yotuel romero, Author and artist of the song Said in a live broadcast with Patria Y. Vita, Gente de Sona, Dessemer Bueno, Machel Osarbo and El Funky Proceeds from the song will be donated to the San Isitro Movement (MSI).

“I announce that the entire work of reporting the song will be donated to the San Isitro movement. I will make public what this issue is, and see how it gets to Luis Manuel Odero Alcondara and Michel Osorbo, so they have autonomy because they work for their ideas and for their performance, and for their work.” That was announced by Yodiel Romero this week She sang the song Patria Y Vita in Miami with Gente de Sona.

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At present, others involved have not spoken directly about the release of Dezemr Funo. Yodoul has shared a prize celebrating its premiere on February 17th with over 5 million views on YouTube.

“There are already five million, and we’re not going to stop,” the release says. “Stop having anyone brake, my black,” McClellan Osorbo wrote in the comments.

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