Kasu has yet to delete photos with Nodal on his networks

Although the love story between cazzu And Christian Nodal To conclude, fans will continue to take notes on any action, big or small, to make their own decisions. Social networks can be a thermometer to measure how a relationship is going and this gesture of the Argentinian engineer has raised questions and comments.

The regional Mexican singer went public with his relationship just weeks after the two publicly announced their split. Angela Aguilar. After a while, he deleted the photo album of adorable and romantic moments he shared with his daughter's mother from his Instagram account. Hindi.


However, the 30-year-old translator did not repeat this act of his ex-partner and still maintains the pictures taken when the two of them went to France together and participated in the Givenchy and Balmain catwalks at Paris Fashion Week last February, or when they announced. That their first daughter was born.

You can also see photos from their red carpet debut at the Latin Grammy Awards in November 2022.

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Fans were quick to comment on the situation, with some supporting the singer and others harshly criticizing Nodal for her “immature” attitude:

“An editor who deletes the nodal? Ha ha”; “What a girl, that guy just proved his immaturity by deleting his feed. She's a lot for him”; “Don't delete anything mom”; “Cazsu is already deleting photos”; “How is it possible that Nodal even deletes his daughter's photos?”; ” Don't delete photos to hurt others”; “You don't have to delete photos, they will be a memory for your daughter”; “Nodal already deleted everything and even with her photos we already know who is mature and who is not”; “Your emotional intelligence leaves me speechless, ” A few comments that can be read on Argentina's profile.

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