The end of the moratorium on student loans could impact the credit scores of thousands of Puerto Ricans

The credit scores of hundreds of thousands of people in the United States and Puerto Rico could decline dramatically once student loan companies resume disclosing their customers' payment patterns to credit agencies, starting in October of this year.

A study presented this Thursday by If delays in repaying such an obligation are reported, 98% of student loan debtors could suffer a drop of up to 88 points in their credit level, explains Rodney Curbelo, TransUnion's general manager on the island.. Nearly 294,000 people on the island have student debt.

“The impact will be very significant, and that's why there's (federal) urgency and that's why you see a lot in the news in the United States about what else can be done, because this could stop many transactions, especially mortgages.” Transactions “ Curbelo explained.

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