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Junior Alvarez didn't study acting. In fact, as he implies, he is evil, with an 'M' for evil. But in that youth he was thin and hairy. He worked as a model because they paid him and because he was brave, he auditioned for Carlos Ferrari. It was his personal teacher.

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Then some TV productions needed a leading man and turned around. 4'11 tall actress Angela Mayer knew what it was like to be on stage when she arrived at the huge studio.

“At this point I have Angela Meyer in front of me, and she said to me, 'Are you Puerto Rican? There's another guy auditioning, but I think he's Argentinian. I want to help you. We need a Puerto Rican guy and we're looking for a girlfriend. Did you get a show?' Yes, let's read. So when she starts reading and I start answering her, she looks at me over the mirror and says: 'Well, look, we need to be a little cute, he can't talk, we've got to calm him down in the novels, and if he doesn't work for that, we “We were going to do something with him, but we were going to give him a break,” he recalled.

His career journey

He'll explore that and other stories in Totally Jr., La Despedida, because after nearly half a century of working and surviving in a heart that's only 15% functional, rest suits him best. Washington has a small room for him near his daughter and a stage. But he can't leave without celebrating with his friends or explaining to the public who saw his various facets, the secrets and rumors that shaped his life.

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Under a script by Mike Phillips, “one of the best writers” on the contemporary theater scene, Coca-Cola will make a farewell performance at the Music Hall on August 10.

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Alvarez insisted, “I don't want to read some silly word at home, so I go and throw it out there to see if people laugh. I like to talk about my professional life so that people will know things that they would not otherwise find out. I started modeling, how did I start modeling? 'But you're fat now', 'What happened to him?' 'how is it?'”.

Your peers as the jury

Within the show's design, Junior Alvarez's retirement affects his replicants in other dimensions. When one retires, so must everyone, so a junior businessman, a junior president of a republic, and a junior popular rock singer decide to pursue an experiment to assess the actor's career.

“Who can help me convince other replicants from other dimensions? Well, my friends, my brothers. Who's going to be my lawyer? Ernestito Concepcion. Who's going to be the jury? Angela Meyer, Jorge Castro, Rene Monclova, Danilo Beauchamp, Francis Rosas, Magali Carrasquillo and Marian Babone. Who's the judge? With his little white wig and all,” said Alvarez, who will coordinate scenes, improvisation and virtual work.

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“We want it to be a really entertaining show, and people have a lot of fun, and when they leave, they say, 'Cool,' at least a smile along the way. That's what I want. At least, 'Hey, we had a lot of fun,' and 'How much?' We were great!', and you should always have some special part where you try to reach everyone. You don't have to laugh until you leave, you have to spend time with the public You have to have a show, a show with respect and affection. When you do things like that, they become brutal,” he said.

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