Juliana Quintana explains in Espacio Astral

In this episode of stellar spaceAstrologer Juliana Quintana points out the ascendancy and its importance within the natal chart. This energy is decisive, because it is the energy that activates the characteristics of the personality of each person.

Although all individuals have a certain Sun sign, it is essential to know which Ascendant sign was present at the time of their birth. The ascendant represents the person, indicates his vitality and physical energy and, above all, is directly related to the image of the character seen by others.

Juliana Quintana is a reputed astronomer in Bogota with a psychological and evolutionary approach, dedicated to helping people understand stellar formation to make decisions. With his experience and knowledge of planetary movements and energy management, he guides his followers to learn how to understand their birth chart and the causes of situations that affect their lives.

Through workshops, conferences, talks, and radio programs, she has provided people with simple and useful information that allows them to delve deeper into the way astrological transits appear in their daily lives.

Connect with Semana Play and continue learning how the stars affect your life with astrologer Juliana Quintana, on her weekly Espacio Astral.

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