Economist and researcher in charge of education and science

Maria Guardiola, a teacher with ten years of experience in the private sector, highlighted the head of the Junta of Extremadura, when her name was mentioned. Mercedes Vaqueira Mosquero (Valencia de las Torres, 1967) will be the new Minister of Education, Science and Vocational Training.

PhD in Economic and Business Sciences from the University of Extremadura, where she has been a professor for more than three decades. Since 1993 she has worked as Head of the Cost and Management Accounting Course. Those who know her highlight her love of teaching and the good work environment she creates around her.

With a high prestige as an economist and researcher, throughout her career she has not stopped actively participating in national and international research groups. Vaquera has been a member of the Management Accounting Research Group at the London School of Economics and Political Science since 1992.

He is a very involved person in Extremadura society. For the past decade, Vaqueira has been President of the Economic and Social Council of the region. The first woman in a situation I faced was, as she herself admitted in an interview on TODAY, in the spirit of consensus and dialogue.

Study and residence abroad

Vaqueira, the second of six siblings, began her studies at the Santo Ángel School in Llerena, where she had been living in the boarders for ten years. At the age of 17 he went to England to attend the University Orientation Course (COU). Also in the UK, where she worked as a babysitter and went through a difficult phase, as she herself says, she graduated in Translation and Interpretation at the University of North London.

With her reputation as a diligent worker, confirmed by her career, she was awarded the “International Scholar of the Year 1996” award at the age of only 29, bestowed by CIMA, one of the most important accounting societies in the world.

In the private company, Vaquera, a mother of three, was the chief financial officer of Clideba and the group of companies associated with the insurance company Amecesa.

Within the University of Extremadura he was a member of the board of directors and during the government of José Antonio Monago he was part of the committee for the rationalization and efficiency of spending. It is also involved in organizations such as Fundecyct-Pctex or the Support Service for the UEx Entrepreneurship Initiative, and has passed through entities such as the Transnational Atlantic Network or the Red Cross.

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