Julian Alvarez’s girlfriend has been slammed for limiting halftime photos with the champion

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Since being crowned with Argentina in Qatar in 2022, the striker Julian Alvarez He has lived busy days They took their girlfriend to give a show that was heavily criticized in their countryThis restricts some children’s access to the player City of Manchester.

On a visit to his hometown of Colchín, the new icon of Argentine football was recognized by some neighbors who saw him and tried to take a photo to record the moment. Emilia Ferrero, the player’s friend, looked dirty at the moment.

In a video that went viral in less than 30 seconds, you can see how The little ones approach the gunner After he got out of his car with Ferro, but Her reaction was somewhat unpleasant While trying to ease your loved one’s discomfort and fatigue.

“Take a cell phone and all the photos”Emilia noted as Julian showed some irritation. “Guys, just one more photo. we have to leave”insisted the young woman.

Not sure what else happened after that, though this Sunday Julian Alvarez She posted a photo on her page of herself celebrating Christmas, contradicting the criticism she received on the networks.

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