Mohamed asks Cesar Huerta to be humble because better things await him

Pumas coach ‘Chino’ Huerta has good things ahead of him and believes he should stay humble

Anthony MohammedTechnical Director CougarsHe promised development Cesar Huerta He is significant at the club, so they need to handle him well, both footballingly and mentally, so that they don’t lose their feet on the ground.

“He’s in a good moment, with a lot of confidence and we have to support him in the development he has. He’s an important part of the team. We’re happy. He has to work for the team as well. It’s unbalanced and he’s done it well. He’s in good shape and he has to stay humble. We have to stress that because surely good will happen to him”, said ‘Turuk’ at a press conference.

That is the truth Mohammed He doesn’t like to talk much on an individual level and is always more focused on the collective, but there have been several occasions when the Cat tactician has praised the midfielder’s good condition and admitted that he is ready for the Mexican national team. .

On the other hand, he spoke about the outcry received by some club players, especially the cases of Gustavo del Brete and Adrien Aldreed, who were substituted in the game against this Sunday. Tigers And the fans didn’t receive them well.

To a lesser extent, Eduardo Salvio has been another of the criticized elements, while Juan Tinenno, despite not being a starter, is enjoying the moment with Cats fans.

“They are calm, they have experience and it is good to support the players to be ours. Until the end of the tournament, they will be our players,” he said. Mohammed In the first instance.

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“When a player comes in or out he can play against the team and it affects the confidence of the team. If there are boos, let them be after the game, it doesn’t affect the mood, but they have the right to complain. We were from the same team in the 90s and it will be good for everyone who wears the shirt. ” added ‘Turk’.

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