Judoka was suspended for refusing to face the Israeli enemy

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Algerian Judoka Fetty Noorin, Which was less reported Tokyo 2020 Olympics So there is no need to face a competitor Israeli, It was Stopped Issued by International Judo Federation (IJF) and its recognition was withdrawn, the IJF itself declared.

Neurin He had to face Sudan first Mohammed Abdul Rasool Monday in the first round, before the fight against the Israelis Doher Football In the next round.

But on Thursday he announced on Algerian television that he had made the decision Exit the competition, Explains your decision Support “for the Palestinian cause”.

Saturday, Executive Committee I.J.F. Announced to be Stopped Temporarily Judoka And his coach, Amar Penicliff.

In response to this, The Algerian Olympic Committee He withdrew the recognition of the two and indicated that they would return to their country.

For that International Judo Federation, Results Neurin This is, for example, “completely contrary to philosophy.”

The I.J.F. It “has a strict policy of non-discrimination and promotes unity as a fundamental principle.”

This is not the first time Neurin Withdraw from a match for these reasons. He had already acted similarly Tokyo World Cup-2019.

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