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Juan Rios is a television actor recognized for his participation in successful soap operas and series.“,” Guna de Lopos “and” La Dona “, starred in one of November’s most romantic moments: at the end of a play, he asks her to marry his lover, Pablo Montmeyer.

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Juan Rios and Pablo Montmeyer They have been in a relationship for almost 14 years, during which time they supported each other from one of the happiest and saddest moments. The actor from the movie “The Lord of the Skies” described their relationship when he proposed to his partner to get married.

Juan Rios turns 49 on November 13 at this emotional moment. The Mexican actor took advantage of his boyfriend’s presence and asked her to marry him at the end of the play “The boys of the band”, which is currently playing in Mexico. But who is Pablo Montmeyer? Here we say.

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TV actor Juan Rios participated in successful productions such as “The Lord of the Skies”, “Guna de Lopos” and “La Dona” (Photo: Juan Rios / Instagram)

Who played Pablo Montmeyer, Juan Rose’s boyfriend, in the film ‘The Lord of the Skies’?

Mexican actor Pablo has been in a romantic relationship with Montemeyer for almost 14 years with his partner. Through social networks, the translator is open about his relationship and shared the various moments he has lived with his partner over the years.

But, without a doubt, November 13th, Juan Rios’ birthday, lived a very emotional moment. That day, the actor decided to ask his girlfriend Pablo Montmeyer to marry him at the end of the play “Los Ninos de la Panda” which is currently being performed in Mexico.

Rios took advantage of his birthday celebration. The Mexican actor used poetry to set this special moment in his life.

“We’ve been in a relationship for 13 years, almost fourteen (…) good times, bad times and bad times,” the actor began to say. He then read the poem “If Man Can Tell” by the Spanish writer Louis Cernuda.

“I want to share with you this moment, I want it to be an important moment for me in the theater because it’s drama and poetry that I love and love so much in life and I want to share with you a poem he especially dedicated to Pablo about what you see here. Says a lot ”, the actor continued with his colleagues in the theater.

After reading the poem, Juan Rios finds the ring he has prepared, sits on his knees, and tells Pablo Montmeyer to marry him. Her boyfriend said yes and that answer was appreciated by all.

Juan Rios and Pablo Montmeyer tried to be very relaxed in their relationship, but on some special occasions, they did not hesitate to shout their love from the roof, as happened during the International LGBT Pride Day in June last year.

“We do not want to show it on social networks, but today is different, it’s a good time to express our pride and thank you for your presence in my life,” the actor wrote with this occasion on Instagram at the time. Special date.

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