Juan Paragon, editor of “Al Extremo”, will be absent from the program for this reason. News from Mexico

Mexico City.- Due to irreparable differences with the producer of “Al Extremo”, Juan Paragon He would have resigned as chief contributor to the project he led for 13 years Alex Coffee.

In his article, Sin Lisanza, the show commentator emphasized that he was grateful for the bad relationship he had with the producer of the project. Veronica Cecilia Palomerase Finds, The TV presenter decided to resign because she was that woman “He filled his crop with pebbles.”

The female driver’s cradle was filled with pebbles! He can no longer take it and gave up broadcasting, in which he always exemplifies lack of time, professionalism and dedication, ”Coffee wrote.

Morning collaborator “The sun is rising” Just over a year ago, he promised that Palomares Fuentes would have already achieved his mission. The manufacturing company may have tried to “release” Paragon in various ways He has not won to date.

Veronica Palomeras achieves what she wants for a year: Remove Juan Paragon from Al Extremo. And he made him wearily with contempt (removing him from one day to the next for putting Uriel Estrada in his place or not seeing him in the ‘scream’ exchange). Their endurance and endurance did not give much”, The journalist concluded.

Juan Paragon has already been removed from planning

At the end of October 2020, the public of “Al Extremo” was surprised by the news that Juan Paragon would be removed from the program, which will be broadcast from Monday to Friday, and that his partner will only be on the show next weekend. Gabriela Avila.

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In an interview Gabriel Cuevas placeholder image In the “Spectacular Formula” program, Paragon News that removed him as the main topic to be replaced by Uriel Estrada, “It didn’t upset him, but it fooled him.”.

According to the driver, TV Azteca asked the talent director for an explanation About the reasons for removing him from his post and taking him off the screen during the week, but the manager would have told him this I have no answer, Which made him a little disappointed.

If I had a kind of failure, I would say: ‘Well, right, yes, I poured it, I put my foot, this or that’, but my life is flawless”, He highlighted.

One of the things that motivated him at the time was the thousands of messages and comments on the networks that supported him asking him to withdraw from the production because they wanted him before the project.

Instead, on that occasion Juan Paragon said he had a good relationship Uriel Estrada, This is rumor “Protected” from the manufacturing company, Since they were never friends, the courier met him the day he passed the show He admitted that he appreciates the work he does As a TV presenter.

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