US condemns arrest of Venezuelan opposition leader Freddie Guevara and threats against Juan Guide

Photo by Freddie Guevara, a member of the Organizing Committee of Celebrity Advisory, during a press conference in Caracas, Venezuela today. EFE / Rayner Peña

US condemns Nicolas Maduro regime arrest of Venezuelan opposition leader Freddie Guevara, An incident that occurred at the same time as the attempt to arrest interim President Juan Guide.

“We strongly condemn the arrest of Venezuelan Congressman Freddie Guevara and the persecution of Venezuelan President Juan Guide,” White House official Julie Chung said on her Twitter account.

Guevara was arrested while traveling on the Caracas Highway. Before getting out of the vehicle, the opposition politician recorded a video.

Despite all these problems I decided to stay in my country, knowing that we are under a dictatorial regime and they have a chance to arrest me againL, ”the politician said during the live broadcast, when a policeman touched Larry’s windshield and heard it.

Before the exchange was cut off, he added: “I tell all of you that I am moving forward, no matter how oppressive the regime may be, I still believe that this path is to reach an agreement for national salvation, which may be contradictory. By thinking that one has to act in these kinds of moments ”.

Guevara was transferred to the headquarters of the intelligence service, where he was vice-president of the Guida-led parliament and had already been detained in the past., Reported by Gaida’s office.

OAS General Secretary Louis Almacro blamed the Savista dictatorship for Guevara’s well-being.

We demand their immediate release and an end to the crimes against humanity in VenezuelaAlmacro wrote on his Twitter account.

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After his arrest, the government of Ivan Duke denied this fact: “The Foreign Ministry, on behalf of the Colombian government, rejects the arbitrary detention of Freddie Guevara, the leader of the popular will, by the Nicolas Maduro regime. We demand guarantees for his life and his immediate release. “

“Similarly, the government rejects the persecution of interim President Juan Guide and his close associates. The international community must demand an end to these arbitrary acts and the release of all political prisoners. Our solidarity with Venezuela!The Colombian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its Twitter account.

Andres Almond, President of Chile, and more Spoke on social media In rejecting the new attack on the Venezuelan dictatorship: “The Chilean government strongly condemns the arbitrary detention of Freddie Guevara and the acts of intimidation against Juan Guide.”

“We demand the immediate release of Guevara from the Maduro regime. We demand the release of all political prisoners in Venezuela and an end to the persecution of opposition leaders in that country.”Added the head of Chilean diplomacy.

Meanwhile, the government Jair Bolsanaro has “vehemently denied” the arrest of former Venezuelan opposition leader Freddie Guevara and the “intimidation” of Juan Guide., Recognizes as interim leader of Venezuela with Brazil and other countries.

“The Brazilian government vehemently condemns the intimidation of the security forces of the Nicolas Maduro regime against the president responsible for Venezuela, Juan Guide and other democratic leaders.”This was stated in a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday.

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According to a statement issued by the Brazilian Foreign Ministry, what happened today raises suspicions that Maduro wants to establish a dialogue with “Venezuelan democratic forces” aimed at seeing “free and transparent” elections in the country.

“The Brazilian government continues to support a peaceful, constitutional and Venezuelan-led solution to end the serious crisis facing its neighbors.”The reference said.

“However, it focuses on the regime’s new attempt to halt negotiation processes that have the potential to promote democratic change in the country.” Done.

For its part, the US Commission on Human Rights (IACR) has expressed concern over “initial reports showing security forces’ actions in arresting Freddie Guevara.” In turn, they will seek to intimidate Juan Gaida. “

The IACR demanded a dictatorship in Venezuela “Remember that Freddie Guevara and Juan Guide and their families are the beneficiaries of precautionary measures, through the proper process of guaranteeing the right to life, personal integrity and judicial guarantees.”

At the same time that Guevara was being detained, hooded men with long guns entered Juan Gaida’s home.

A hood man points to the truck of interim President Juan Guide.
A hood man points to the truck of interim President Juan Guide.

Face officers are at my house and they entered my apartment. Maduro’s regime wants to arrest President Juan Guide”, Denounced the interim president’s wife on his Twitter account.

“We condemn Venezuela and the world of chickens Nicolas Maduro’s dictatorship besieges the house of President Juan GuideFor its part, the opposition denounced it on its Twitter account.

The opposition condemned to the international community the new repressive regime of the Savista regime against Kayte and other politicians.

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UN Commissioner Miguel Pizarro condemned Guevara’s arrest He was pleased that international organizations were aware and documented the abuses committed by the Maduro regime.

“Recently, at the UN Human Rights Council, it was reiterated that democracy is gaining ground in Venezuela. Dictatorship continues to increase its abuse of power, intimidation and persecution. Today the regime is attacking Freddie Guevara again, ”Pizarro wrote on his Twitter account.

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