Juan Luis Guevara reaches 67 years in a “movie” moment

Juan Luis Guerrera It has long tablecloths. Most recognized Dominican meets worldwide 67 years From whom do they find out”Movie” hit the theaters a couple of months ago with the success of his first animated film, and it's done Highest grossing Dominican film of 2024 so far.

“The teacher”, as they call him, managed to find out “Key to the Heart” His lyrics and melodies and now millions of people enjoying his talent on the big screen.

On June 7, 1957 Born Juan Luis Guerra Seijas, A soft dreamer Who brought merengue and bachata to the world.

The son of Gilberto Guevara Pacheco and Olga Cejas Herrero was a student at the school. La Salle and Saint Therese, There he stood out for his love of the game.

A shy boy, he did it before he became interested in music Philosophy and Lyrics He studies this degree at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, (UAST) later he received a scholarship to study music Berklee College of Music, Boston.

He is a quiet man who spends hours locked in his studio creating songs that he lets his wife hear first. Norahis “blessing“From nearly four decades ago, he created his greatest treasure: his children, Jean and Paulina Guerra.

His life revolves around his devotion Jesus Christto whom he continues to thank.”Dada“It gave him, and saved him from the critical moments that separated him from the music and the stage.

He is considered the creator of a musical movement in Dominican merengue, which critics in the field say reborn this rhythm with impeccable, imposing and impressive lyrics.

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Traditionally, there was meringue A dance rhythm entered through the legs There he stayed. However, the great success of Guevara's musical proposal was the creation of a style characterized by the quality of its lyrics and music, “for feet and head, for dancing and listening” to the singer-songwriter himself.

Its first appearance in cinema

He recently made his debut as a producer with the film “”.Captain Wasp”Inspired by his singing “Bees”Creates an animated character with the same name as the title of the film.

Directed by “Captain Wasp”. Jean Guevara and Jonathan Melendez It has a first-rate cast, who bring life to each character with their voices.

The film has a soundtrack that includes many of the composer's hits, as well as unreleased music composed exclusively for the film.

Since its premiere on April 4, it has become the highest-grossing Dominican film in the country so far this year. It screened in the United States, Puerto Rico and all the Caribbean islands, as well as the rest of Latin America, Brazil, Canada and Spain, for a total of over 33 countries.


Juan Luis Guerra, the most awarded artist 29 Latin Grammys, three American Grammys and numerous Billboard Awards, such as Lo Nuestro Soberano, etc.

Oversold 70 million records In the world with such successes “I Hope It Rains Coffee”, “I Hope It Rains Coffee”, “Pachata Rosa”, “Bilirubin”, “I Give You A Rose”, “Niagara On A Bicycle”, Everything Has Its Time”, “My Blessing”among others.

Guevara not only voiced his works, but also wrote for artists: Taty Salas, Emmanuel, Luis Miguel, Gilberto Santa Rosa and others.

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the beginning

The album “Sopland” marked the singer-songwriter's breakthrough and 4.40 in 1984, (Maritalia Hernández, Mariella Mercado and Roger Sayas-Bazan) followed by “Mutanza y Agario” (1985) “And when I think more… of you (1987)”.

The dedication to Juan Luis came with “Hope It Rains Coffee” (1990) and especially “Pachada Rosa” (1991), which the actor himself believes is his 'trademark'.

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