Jokic couldn’t control his impulses and played a role in a scandal with the Suns’ owner

He’s been elite for years, but that physical prowess is often overshadowed by emotional ups and downs. Note that Nikola JokicHe was again overwhelmed by his feelings and could not avoid a controversial reaction by pushing Boy ishbiaOwner Phoenix Suns.

A two-time athlete MVP Superstar of the season Denver Nuggets. In the final hours he signed one of the best games in history NBA Playoffs By finishing with 53 points in his team’s loss to the Suns (2-2 in the series). The Serbian shone, but he couldn’t bring joy to his team and was the center of controversy when he starred in a completely unexpected clash.

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There were less than three minutes left in the second quarter. Denver They led by one point at 55-54. The balance on the scoreboard made the atmosphere tense. In the environment, it was discovered that any small detail could be the trigger for a big problem, which finally -as everyone predicted- ended up happening.

The match ball went out of bounds into the hands Boy ishbiaOwner Suns. Jokic wanted to grab it quickly to continue the match, but he rushed towards him and tried to take it out of his hands without saying a word.

May 8, 2023 “>

There was a struggle between the two, and the Serbian threw an elbow – so light – that the billionaire overreacted and knocked himself down. The person responsible for delivering justice did not want to impose a barrier that would complicate development, which is why everything ended in a technical error for the crackdown on consumption.

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Anger at wrong

The judge’s determination unleashed anger on him Denver Nuggets. “It’s crazy for him to get a technical foul. He goes to catch the ball and he’s got a fan with his hands on it. He wanted to take it out of the game,” Denver coach Michael Malone explained at the end. A reporter explained that it was Ishbia, and Malan didn’t hesitate. “I don’t give a f*****”, he replied with obvious gestures of discomfort.

The only confusion was not DD, but also the main protagonist of the conflict. what did he tell? “I nudged the fan, but the ref told me the fan put his hands on me first. The league is supposed to protect us (players) or something. But I could be wrong,” he said.

Regardless of what happens on the field, he is likely to be sacked. In theory, the rule states that if any player goes into the stands, they will be ejected from the game, prompting a suspension. Because of this, his presence in the fifth game is yet to be confirmed.

Competitive growth

Phoenix Suns imposed as local Denver Nuggets 129-124 during Game 4 of the Western Conference Semifinals nba. The win tied the two teams.

To outline a smile, 36 points, 12 assists and six rebounds Devin Booker and 36 points, six assists and 11 rebounds Kevin Durant. In return, 53 points, 11 assists and four rebounds Nikola Jokic and 28 points, seven assists and five rebounds Jamal Murray Not enough Denver Nuggets Can win the game.

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The Phoenix Suns’ next game will be his rival again Denver NuggetsWho will he play with? Ball arena In the fifth fight of the series.

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