El Salvador Supreme Court declares dismissal of judges unconstitutional

El Salvador’s Supreme Court (CSJ)’s constitutional chamber declared this Saturday unconstitutional that the legislature should dismiss its judges for violating the constitution.

The judges, who were voted in by 64 pro-government legislators out of 84 congressional representatives, pointed out that the move “violates the form of Republican, democratic and representative government and pluralistic political system” established in Article 85 of the Constitution.

The judges soon pointed out in their judgment that “with the significant intention of suppressing the effective controls against the executive and the legislature, it negatively affects the control of the power exercised by this chamber”. He was fired.

They pointed out that regulatory work is necessary “for the protection and guarantee of the substantial elements of a democracy” and “to ensure a representative democracy in accordance with the Constitution.”

“This is a dismissal, not prior to the practical guarantees needed to confirm it.”

The parties that voted for the dismissal were the ruling New Ideas (NI), the Grand Alliance for National Unity (Ghana), the National Concert Party (PCN) and the Christian Democratic Party (PTC).

As soon as the vote was taken, the extraordinary process of selecting the judges of the Constituent Assembly, with the support of President Naib Bukhale from social networks, began.

NIA deputy Christian Guevara nominated attorneys Javier Suarez Magna, Hector Nahum Martinez, Jose Angel Perez Sagan, Elsie Tunas Lovo and Oscar Alberto Lopez Gerais.

CSJ President Jose Armando Pineta and sovereign justices Aldo Enrique Coder, Carlos Sergio Avillos, Carlos Ernesto Sanchez and Marina de Jesus Marenko were the constitutional judges who handed down the verdict.

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