Alejandro Toledo: What is the domain forfeiture process facing the former president?

He Peruvian Justice System It seeks to have eight properties associated with former President Alejandro Toledo become state property; Homes include a luxurious residence in the exclusive area of ​​Las Casuarinas.

Department of Justice

Alejandro Toledo: What is the domain forfeiture process facing the former president?

Currently, Alejandro Toledo is being held in nearby Barbadillo prison after being extradited from the United States. | Source: EFE

On May 5, it became known that Liliana Meza, a lawyer specializing in the expropriation of assets, will defend the interests of the state in the processing of the case presented by the Prosecutor’s Office before the Department of Justice, so that eight properties are linked to the former president. Alejandro Toledo became public property.

This was determined by the State Attorney General (PGE). Daniel Soria, After resolving a conflict of competence between Liliana Meza, the attorney for the Odebrecht and Lava Jato cases, and the interim attorney, Sylvana CarrionIn protecting state interests.

In Air rotaryThe Attorney Mesa He explained that the domain seizure process allows for an entire sub-system of judges, chambers and special prosecutors Peruvian state Recover illegally acquired property.

“The domain destruction process seeks to take ownership of properties obtained through illegal activities. These properties are managed by the National Forfeited Assets Program, which is responsible for safeguarding them and resolving the situation in the destruction process that follows,” he announced.

He explained that unlike criminal proceedings, this process is “quick” because it consists of two phases: Pedigree Investigation, by the Special Advocate; And this Judicial positionIt begins with the acknowledgment of the claim.

“The best thing about this destruction process is that it is not against people, but against property. In this case, Mr. Toledo and his family, the defendant, are sent to respond to this request in 30 business days. Whether with his response or not – if he does not respond, he is declared a rebel – The process is ongoing and the following phases are being followed,” he emphasized.

The Special Advocate further noted that the procedure related to eight properties Toledo Manrique Became the property of the state, driven by a separate string to the investigation facing the founder of Perú Posible for alleged irregularities in the concession of Sections II and III of the Ocean Highway.

“Since it is a process of a hereditary nature, the word punishment is not used because the process of destruction runs a separate rope from the criminal process,” he ruled.

What are the requested houses?

On April 24, the Judiciary agreed to implement the tax demand, thus attaching eight properties to the prisoner. Former President Alejandro Toledo And their family environment becomes the property of the state.

These are the two properties registered in the name Toledo Manrique and his wife Elian Corp Six more are connected Eva Fernenbach Mother-in-law of the former President.

The properties are distributed as follows: One is a beach house in Punta Sal Grande, Soritos (Dumbes). Alexander Toledo; River in Surco’s Lima district, where he also has a luxury residence he bought Eve F.Ernenbug In the exclusive area Casuarinas Over four million dollars; One is in La Molina, the home of the former president and his wife Elian Karp.

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