Jay Paul’s mother even scolds him for the song “Perra”: “Where is Josito I know?”

Jay Paul’s mother even scolded her son for the song “Perra”, which was recorded with the Colombian Dominican Tokisha and was considered sexual, racist, sexual and misleading and created controversy.

As soon as I found out (about Pitch), I called him, logically: – Where is Josito I know? That song is not … I do not know what to say, “said Alpha Marie Paulvin on the Colombian channel Cosmovisian” We caught the night. “

He then added: “I haven’t seen my Jose anywhere” He described what he saw in the video and the same song as an insult to women, because two Afro women were chained and the singer grabbed them by the neck as they crawled on the ground like animals.

The artist’s mother said, “The same thing happened to him.” He was harshly criticized. What happened last week does not represent my son. “

“My son definitely made a mistake” He said confidently, however he justified it under the accusation that mistakes are learned because they help make the necessary changes.

“I do not want the right children, I want the wrong children, because my son loses the right day, I lose, we both lose, I have to show him the way as a mother, he who thinks he is right will never fight, he will not make changes in his life , He will be one, ”he said.

Colombia’s Vice President Martha Lucia Ramரேres, the country’s foreign minister, was horrified by the song and visual content of “Perra”.

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