Extraordinary: Concacaf Mottagua bans playing in his three uniforms during the season and resorts to wearing old gear – ten

Something extraordinary will happen tonight in the match between the Marathon and Motakuwa in the quarterfinals of the Concacaf League. Blue Hurricane has problems with her clothes.

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And since Concacaf forbade him, he could not use one of his three current shirts, making sure they all matched the marathon’s green color or had badges.

A source linked to Mottagua explained the situation to TEN: “It’s a relaxation and a half, they will not be allowed to play in any uniforms this season because they all collide with the marathon greens on Sunday. We played.

Modagua had to resort to its uniform distribution company to remove old clothes for the Concoff League game tonight.

They even explained that the official club would use socks without socks, something completely unusual they had encountered with each other recently and had no problem with the clothes.

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The marathon and moto will take place this Thursday night at 8:00 pm at the San Pedro Sula Olympic Stadium for the first match of the CONCACAF League quarterfinals.

Motacua will not be able to wear its current outfit for tonight’s match against the Marathon for the Confederations Cup.

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