Clarotv+ combines live TV with streaming services

naturally Today introduced an entertainment service that integrates live programming with Internet transmission services, so that customers can enjoy their desired content “when and wherever they are,” said the provider’s president, Enrique Ortiz de Montellano.

ClaroTV + no TV ruler and services flow. It is a mobile application and smart box ‘plug ‘n play’”, explained Ortiz de Montellano, when offering the two types of access to the client to connect with local and international channels and video content.

It also allows you to record episodes or games, search for content up to seven days in advance and create parental controls for access by minors.

The smart box has the Claro logo, and since it runs on the Android TV platform, vIt comes with Google Home’s digital assistant voice search. This, in essence, has an interface very similar to that of smart TVs using Android TV or the boxes and devices on this platform, such as Google Chromecast and Roku.

This, as shown, was intended Facilitating adoption and customer experienceBoth those who are more familiar with using the remote control to watch TV, as well as those who have experience switching between different TV services. flow.

The service can also be accessed by cell phone by downloading the Clarotv+ app for your Android phone or iPhone. With this, the customer can use their phone as a control to decide what to watch on TV, or if they are away from home, they need to leave or even if the power goes out, they can continue to enjoy the game, show or movie they want.

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According to Ortiz de Montellano, the service is available “for up to 10 devices,” so other family members can access their profiles and easily find episodes they haven’t watched yet or where they live in the movie. Three simultaneous sessions are allowed per subscription.

For customers with Apple TV, it was noted that the Clarotv+ app is already available, as is other Android TV devices, such as LG and Samsung TVs.

In all of these cases, Ortiz de Montellano said, a box is not necessary. But for those who still don’t have a smart TV, “with the first subscription we’ll give the box,” he said of the service, which starts at $20 per month and has up to 200 channels. While, Access to content from non-free streaming platforms depends on the systems the customer subscribes to..

Now, the president has confirmed that to enjoy Clarotv+, it is necessary to have both pay-TV and internet service with the company, be it fixed or mobile.

Ortiz de Montellano noted that the fund was developed with a US company, but declined to specify why parent América Móvil did not share that information. But he indicated that it is a product that will be launched in the rest of the markets in which the company operates. “Puerto Rico is the first of the 25 countries where we launched it“, reveal.

Regarding the company’s drive to integrate pay-TV with online video services, he stated that “traditional linear TV, as we’ve known it over the past years, will continue to exist, but it’s definitely in its full development stage. And, finely diluted by these developments we developed Clarotv+.”

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So, as mentioned, Claro TV+ is a “flexible, multi-device” service that appeals to both audiences and the whole family.

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