Jax Bossy, the Mexican competitor of the pre-Olympic El Tri competition

For the first time in his coaching career, Jack Bossie Face the country that saw him, be born and grow and create a family, but first of all the game Pre-Olympic Concoff It will not give you a special feeling.

The first match Mexico Both teams will qualify for the tournament Concoff To 2020 Olympic Games It will be next Thursday Guadalajara Against Dominican Republic, Mexican-led team Bossy.

I am Mexican, even my parents, I married a wonderful woman, she is Mexican, my children are Mexican, My life and environment are in Mexico, but I do not realize it is more than just a sport, “he assured Mediodimbo.

“I’m a professional and this does not mean a special motivation to face Mexico. It’s still a group competition, where we want to compete and try to participate in the death group.”

The Before the Olympics Classifying Tokyo 2020 For the two finalists, there will be a directed triangular sub 23 Jaime Lozano, Unlike Dominican Republic, Because in Group A. Mexico, USA, Costa Rica And the aforementioned Caribbean, of which only two will advance to the semifinals.

I plan the game and when I explore it I don’t do it with patriotism, I only see one more team to face, ”he added. Bossy.

This coach will only be in the first game Pre-Olympics in Guadalajara Because he will travel Dominican To lead The main choice Tie towards Qatar 2022This March, the fight against Mexico did not want to see it as a side board.

“I do not see it that way. My mind is focused on the Dominican Republic. This training staff has pledged to the Dominican Republic that we do not see this as a personal platform.

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Compete in the Death Group

For the first time in history Dominican Republic There is a chance to face this event Before the Olympics, The stage where he won his ticket in the first round against the national teams கரிபே, Although the balance is not very promising because they are in Group A in one of the “deaths”, they are in Group B. Honduras, Canada, El Salvador and Haiti.

“The team just touches you and you have to face it like any other group. Being with the United States, Mexico and Costa Rica is a big challenge, and nothing but workHe added.

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