An alternative BNP spokesman in the chamber accused Larry Sealhammer of taking his appointment “hostage.”

Alternative spokesman for the New Progressive Party (BNP) in the House of Representatives, Gabriel Rodriguez Aguile, The Democratic Party (PPD) -led Legislative Committee today said it did not want the appointment to be approved Larry Sealhammer As Secretary of State they “negotiate” petitions with the administrator.

“Unfortunately, they have converted and Larry Sealhammer has been taken hostage to negotiate petitions with the administrator,” he said.

Approaching what is in these negotiations, he accused them of “demanding appointments, they are demanding highlights, they are demanding many issues in management, which is why they are not accepting it”.

Rodriguez Aquiley argued that “there is no objection to approving Larry Sealham, but he would have been hanged after a public hearing.”

Speaker, Raphael “Tadito” Hernandez, Rejected any reference and confirmed that there was no continued negotiation with the Governor Point Pierre Lucy Or with any other officer. “I ask you if you have the resources to make public on this matter. If you have, I ask you to show it, otherwise it is disrespectful and ridiculous ”, Hernandez pointed out Montessori.

The Chamber President pointed out that no demands had been raised in the meetings he had held with the Chief Executive.

Regarding the Caucasus, Rodriguez Aguile pointed out that “this is pending” as La Palma is meeting to ask about its position on the status of the delegation.

Sielhamer faced harsh criticism from Beneba’s lawmakers, In the interview New day As a defender of the state, he realized that permanent annexation to the United States depended heavily on overcoming bankruptcy, achieving economic stability and improving modern infrastructure.

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After these revelations, he met with La Palma Caccus in the Senate, which did not take place in the Chamber, and he relied on the candidate’s commitment to the state. “As far as we are concerned, it is an ideological matter for our party that the candidate in the Senate has already spoken and was able to address the concerns,” said an alternative spokesman for La Palma.

As he mentioned last weekend, the council chairman reaffirmed that in about two weeks he would meet with the PPD Caucus and discuss Sealhammer’s appointment. “When it comes to consideration, I am not yet in a position to respond to it.“, he said.

In the summer of 2019, after the resignation of Governor Ricardo Rochelle, the importance of the Secretary of State’s image was highlighted, who came next to the Governor’s Office when the vacancy occurred?

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