An APES press correspondent says President Buckley is kicking out defamatory news against the press on social media

Seraphim Valencia said this was the usual practice followed by President Buchale and his officials to attack the press, which, in connection with the recent report by Reporters Without Borders, underestimated its position on the value of press freedom in El Salvador.

President Naib Bukhale has begun with anti-independent press coverage on social media, as well as groups of supporters who monitor his publication and the president’s publication, in connection with a recent report by Reporters Without Borders, APES Press Correspondent Seraphim Valencia, citing the press release Reduces the status of the venerable El Salvador.

In an analysis in a morning interview with Radio YSUCA this Thursday, Valencia reported that the report “creates anxiety” because it is a bad, stable and permanent situation against press freedom.

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The APES reporter added that “representation from the public authorities” means that they continue to publish defamatory news to the media and journalists through the editorial line of the media they work for or through the tax editorial. Places created by independent journalists.

“When President Buckell tweeted with his famous phrase ‘uncomfortable journalists’, he was already creating a label, he was already putting a label on the forehead of those journalists he was referring to,” he clarified and clarified that journalists do the right thing on social networks or allow comments Express an opinion at intervals.

When President Buckell identifies content that does not satisfy him or feels that it touches on some vague aspects, he handles the opacity within his administration, saying, “He brings the news of this stigma attack to hand over the work of journalists, and then other government officials or the bureaucrats of Buckel supporters. Or groups are activated and begin to attack ”.

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“We can put it another way, the president (Bukel) gives the opening bell with this news, and then the authorities and big followers launch strong attacks on these media or journalists, with the intention of destroying the image or credibility of the press thing. Newspapers like El Forto, Factum, Cado Encerado and El Try to be skeptical of those works that try to shed light on the investigations carried out by traditional media such as de Hoi and La Brenza Graphica. Substantial publications, ”he declared.

The press correspondent recalled that except for journalists who did not appear in the official descriptions, as well as who they could or could not ask for, the control of information in the presidential residence began long before the epidemic.

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