Iboi Lanos, friend of ‘Kun’ Aguirre, misrepresents Argentina’s fate for next season – Dice

Sergio Aguero Will not continue on City of Manchester From next season. The English team made the decision to renew the contract ahead, so his future was not a big unknown.

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In this context, much is speculated about what ‘Kun”s next target will be, and many more information that he will end up playing for him. FC Barcelona.

The possibility of coming to Camp Noah is not far off for a variety of reasons, including friendship with him Lionel Messi Their position on the field, the Bara team is looking for a striker to score.

When rumors spread without many confirmations on the matter, it was his friend, the famous streamer Iboy Lanos, Who posted a revelation of where I am Omen During one of its live broadcasts during the next course.

“It would be great for me if Kun won, but he’s already going to win many titles at FC Barcelona …”, you can hear in the viral video. The Spanish influencer did not finish the sentence because, after realizing what he had said, he got up and left the room.

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Seconds later he promised that what he had said was a “lie”: “No people play, no play. This is obviously a joke. I do not know if Kun is really going to Persia. With so many jokes, it’s easy to fall, isn’t it?”

The truth is, there are possibilities Joan Laborda Y Ronald Common They have decided it: you should appoint a full-time manager, no doubt Argentina’s name is on the list of candidates, with Earling Holland Y Memphis Depoy.

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So far, both Omen As Barcelona They are constantly focused on their immediate goals. In the meantime he City of Manchester Absolute leader of the Premier, 10 points behind Manchester United, The immediate follower, the Catalan team must win today the first of eight finals in the Spanish league.

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