Jackie Ramரrez, a member of the Acapulco Shore, poses as boldly as possible on social media

A month before the start of the eighth season of the popular MTV reality show Agapulco Shore, Jackie Ramirez, Has turned more than one member of the Wild Family upside down on a new vacation on the beaches of Acapulco.

Former member of the show TV AztecaFalling in love‘, He again stole the gaze of his faithful followers on social networks, letting the imagination fly to more than one when it looks like God brought it into the world.

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Via Instagram, Nickname as double Manelik Gonzalez Spread the image in black and white, where he is shown naked, and with his hands covering his incredible qualities, with the following message.

“I read them and I really enjoy so many comments!”, He wrote.

Keep in mind that Jackie Ramares and other members of the ‘Acapulco Shore’ family reached the number of 100 episodes last week, and today you can enjoy the new episode of the popular reality show through the MTV channel. ‘The clock. 22:00 Central Mexico Time.

Also read: Manelik Gonzalez, a former member of the Acapulco Shore, posed for a bold multi-colored swimsuit

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