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This is a brief but respectful and loving greeting. This is the beginning of a meeting between President Ivan Duke Marquez and President-elect Gustavo Pedro.In recent years political opponents, and judging by public gestures, have begun a smooth transition.

The meeting started at 6.00 pm and ended at 7.30 pm.

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Maria Paula Correa, chairperson of the staff and a member of the joint committee, pointed out that this was a closed door meeting. Central issues they discussed were security and finance.

The meeting was also attended by members of the split team. They talked about how the order would change, the invitations and the issues regarding the meeting starting this Friday.

Finance Minister Jose Manuel Restrepo, who coordinates the government’s divisive group, pointed out that three issues were fundamentally discussed with the newly elected president: possession, finance and the secession protocol.

The Minister pointed out that the so-called medium and long-term financial structure for Petro, all the major economic figures of the country are set in the coming years.

EL TIEMPO knew Petro was giving more importance Issues related to finance, security and national security. They also talked about what it has to do with mining-energy issues.

This is the meeting

Pedro appeared casually, without a tie, with a blue striped shirt, while Doug wore a dark suit and red tie.

After a short tour, they sat in the yellow room in front of a large bouquet and the Colombian flag. Although Juan Manuel Santos was expected to receive him in the presidency 4 years ago, he did so at a place where diplomats from other countries usually issue their credentials.

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Ahead of the expected meeting, the elected president was welcomed at the door of the Casa de Narino by a committee appointed by Ducal for the joint meeting, which begins this Friday.

The Minister of Finance, Jose Manuel Restrepo, will preside over the process, along with Victor Munoz, Director of the Presidential Department of Administration; And Maria Paula Correa, Chief of Staff.

Two of Duke’s most trusted figures, Explained as a loving gesture with the head of the historic agreement.

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Victor Munos, Director of the Presidential Administration; Maria Paula Correa, Chief of Staff and Minister of Finance, Jose Manuel Restrepo.


Caesar Melkarejo / TIME

After greeting members of the government’s meeting committee, Pedro continued his meeting with the outgoing president, who was open to initiating a “harmonious, institutional and transparent” transition from the moment the election results were announced last Sunday. Executive power.

He arrived in Palacio di Narino after receiving credentials for the presidency and vice presidency from the National Electoral Council (CNE) with its Vice President Formula Francia Marquez.

He arrived at 6:10 pm without his advisers, only with his aides and his personal secretary Laura Sanapria.

The historic meeting drew attention in Gaza de Narino, where more than 50 communicators gathered, not only from the national and local media, but also from the international media.

Although initially it was said to be a very short meeting, the elected and outgoing presidents met for more than an hour.

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What happened was that they generally discussed the state of the nation and the process of partition, which will officially begin this Friday at 10:00 am, when the two teams hold their first meeting. In turn, the talk was very affectionate and they addressed concerns about the future.

After the meeting, Gustavo Pedro’s press team indicated that they would not release any statement. However, The head of the historic treaty mentions the fact that the head of state, Simon Bolivar, pointed his sword. Who issued the M-19 30 years ago.


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