In front of diplomats, Buckley insults the international press and denies that the Biden government rejected his request for a meeting. News from El Salvador

This, in Washington, indicates from various sources that the US government has closed its doors.

During his tenure as President of the Republic, Naib Bukhale had a tumultuous relationship with the critical and independent media, accusing him of lying when he published statements unfavorable to his government.

However, on Thursday afternoon, the president extended his efforts to disqualify the press, and Joshua Goodman, an International Associated Press (AP) journalist, lied.

“We cannot trust the international media. Andhra Pradesh, for example, said that I went to the US to request a meeting with President Biden and they refused. This is a lie. The head of the US embassy here, he can confirm it,” the president told a meeting with accredited diplomats in the country.

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Earlier in the week, Goodman sought meetings with Biden administration officials in Washington, D.C., but they were rejected. According to a report published in Andhra Pradesh and taken by several media outlets inside and outside the United States, sources close to the new US government have refused to meet with Bukel because of his outspoken anti-democratic behavior and to prevent him from using the electoral apparatus.

El Diario de Ho’s Washington D.C. sources confirmed the information released by Andhra with the first knowledge of Biden’s administration.

It struck Buckeye trying to present himself as a friend of Washington, but the abuse of power leads to harsher punishments in the United States, which has changed a lot since he left the Trump administration.

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For this reason, he sought to evaluate the AP report from the outset. One of his closest aides, CEPA leader Federico Unliger, took note and even pointed out that the Washington Post had made deals with one of El Salvador’s main opposition leaders.

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Despite his attempts to disqualify the report and deny that it was obtained by the Biden administration in Washington, Democratic circles support their initial version and confirm that the President of Salvador is lying.

“Positive Student”
Mauricio Allergan-Salvador is an Ecuadorian lawyer and defender of press freedom in his country and region. Each time Bukel insults the national press, he reiterates that his style is similar to that of former Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa, the enemy of the media when he ruled that South American country.

Faced with the disqualification of the Andhra and international press, Allarcon-Salvador recalled that in his country, the then president and now-fledged Korea were “experts not only in defaming the national press but also internationally.
Conspiracy theories have often been exposed, with the international press claiming that their government obeys orders from governments that have been exposed to instability. ”

The lawyer explains that he called some of the media hypocrites and liars. So, he adds, “This student you have in El Salvador (Bucale) is violating himself.”

In fact, Korea recently dedicated a tweet celebrating Bukel’s conduct to the independent media in El Salvador, who was subsequently disqualified and harassed by officials and fans, and even used state power to intimidate them.

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