Bubla crushes Braves

Alfonso O’Connor Guevara
Juarez Journal

February 12, 2021 | 20:31

City of Juarez- This Friday night F.C.

Santiago Ormano knew how to capitalize on the errors of border security, and shone with one-third of the goals, and Christian Tabe was also on the scoreboard.

Although Gustavo Velasquez’s bad sign and goalkeeper Enrique Paulos’ poor balance affected Puebla’s score, Armeno opened the scoring in the 4th minute with a surprising shot from a ‘dressing room goal’.

La Franza, 42, advanced from another error by the Paraguayan defender Velasquez; Tabe Palos’ goal beat each other and advanced to 2-0 with a perfect cross shot.

Already in the second half, Alberto Agosta fined George Correll 49 ‘and Ormeno was responsible for effectively collecting it 3-0.

The game ended in a 70 ‘when Velasquez gave a bad pass into his opponent’s, and Omar Fernandes only gave Ormono a diagonal pass into the small area to push the ball into the net, thus his’ hat-trick’ night.

In the last 15 minutes of the match, the Juarez team focused on repairing their defensive line with no more goals, thus ending the match at ‘Angelopolis’.

This decision was made by the F.C.

Bravos Olympico Benito returns to Juarez to host Macedon on Friday, February 19 next week.

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