Mystery Revealed: Find out who holds the most money between Floyd Mayweather and Connor McGregor

The boxing universe is keeping an eye on one of the most surprising information that has come out recently. Potential bankruptcy Floyd Mayweather Which surprised millions of his followers and created endless rumors. In this order, It is worth comparing the fortunes of the Americans with the fortunes of Connor McGregor.

According to many specialized websites, Floyd Mayweather He has a tradition of extending up to $ 1,100 million, while the Irishman reaped about $ 200 million in American currency through his performances in mixed martial arts. These expressions about Former world champion They commented so much across the stage.

Floyd Mayweather had no loss in his life

It is important to note that Born in the Grand RapidsApart from the money he earned through the biggest wallets in the boxing universe, he was able to build businesses outside of the game, especially on social media. Connor McGregor, for his part, invested a portion of his wealth in nightclubs, although he had not yet achieved the success he had hoped for.

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