A space for children to learn and have fun in a healthy way

All with the same goal of living a different and inclusive day with their children in Futsal Comprehensive School. This is the The only aerospace and sports school in the region to have developed this laudable feat with 42 minorsAnd the 30 with some kind of disability s 12 of Sinem’s Homes. There are children with Down syndrome, with autism, with Asperger syndrome, among others.

On the court, they are all the same, sharing, running and demanding like athletes who train. For the first time, thanks to this small school, Magallanes participated in the fifth edition of the Down Games.

Oscar, who devoted his whole life to sports, emphasized that school was the greatest victory that sports had.

“We’re achieving our goal little by little. We were already at the V Down Games, the school Olympics are coming, South America. Preparing them is the most complicated job, but we know it’s hard work, but we have all the willingness and love to make it happen,” says Oscar Soto de la Fuente, creator The Comprehensive School, “We’re Working For It.”

Volunteers with profession

Everything is done with volunteers, for example, ENAP Magallanes moms donate snacks, University of Magallanes donates space, and students and professionals from the educational center donate their studies and talents to every boy and girl in the school.

“I have studied psychology so working with children is what I want to do. I accompany them to do their exercises or show them (…) so beautiful because often society has not been prepared to include all these children … they are given so little in In contrast, they are all the same,” says Maria Pia Barría, who was a volunteer at the school.

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Parents, guardians, biggest fans

The effort of parents like Eduardo Vargas, who brings up his son with motor and mental disabilities, among other illnesses, is everything. He sits, stands, cuddles, laughs and sweats with his son, while his kinesiologist helps him with the exercises.

“Nice process. He was missing this sports space. It’s two small hours that she’s never had before. This has worked for Ignacio because they give him physical therapy, movement helps me exercise and everything is good for his health. He’s 100 percent dependent, so we’re always with him (…) He’s happy,” says Eduardo who has been in the junior school with Ignacio since the beginning, which offers a world-class psychological development.

Alejandro is one of the students he started school with and recently participated in the Dawn Games. He is very cheerful and playful, loves taking pictures and is undoubtedly a superstar.

His proud parents accompany him and assure that although there is a lot of talk about inclusion, the truth is that we are far from having an inclusive community, which is why spaces like this are necessary but also transformative.

“It was great. Alejandro didn’t jump, he was hypotonic, Alejandro, but he’s full (…) It’s a difficult subject. The fusion looks very nice, everyone is talking but it’s not around much. It’s not very present,” says Fabiola Cuevas, mother of eight-year-old Alejandro Aravena. , who has Down Syndrome, it’s a daily but relaxing task.

Run, jump, focus, kick the ball. Everything repeats over and over again, some really manage to progress each lap very quickly, others have a hard time, but everyone shows happiness in doing it, putting in the effort, which is why laughter is a constant part of every exercise.

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There is no competition here, better or worse, here everyone is the comprehensive school, the fellows who learn to pass the ball and score a goal in life with the best platform you can get, the family.

The school is completely free and invited to join and support this tremendous initiative. They find her on Facebook as Escuelita Inclusiva de Futsal Magallanes.

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